Push notification support for Smartix electronic queue

In some cases, when working with the Smartix electronic queue in a browser on PC, mobile device or tablet, for some reason manager may obscure the active window with other software, go to a new tab or minimize the browser. As a result, the next request of new client for queuing may disappear from its focus.

We have improved the notification system to prevent such situations. Now, if the browser with an open workplace tab is minimized or there are several tabs in the browser and page with the workplace is not in focus, the employee receives push notification with information about request.

Our specialists continue to develop the Smartix electronic queuing system for efficient queuing automation. We pay special attention to all aspects of the complex operation in order to provide our existing and potential customers with one of the best and most thoughtful solutions on the market. We are ready for flexible adaptation of the complex and expansion of functionality at request.