Electronic queue

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We offer implementation of ready-made electronic queue system based on web-oriented, cross-platform applications for organizing the work of self-service ticketing kiosks, queue displays, virtual call queuing desks and operator’s workplaces.
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Provide customization of complete software product and development of software of various complexity and scale at request.


Cross-platform solution
Windows, Linux, MacOS
Manager application for smartphone or tablet
Authorization through Active Directory
Creating and managing tree-like menus through the back office
Configuration of manager selection for a specific queue
Custom statement constructor
Implementation of a mobile application to replace ticket kiosk
Built-in reporting system

Full software package

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Modern self-service kiosks based on web interfaces for selecting services and printing electronic queue tickets.

Deployment of different features for business automation.

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We develop professional screen design depending on the field of activity, we also offer branding or custom interfaces development at request.

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Monitors, TVs or other digital devices for display queue information. Adaptive screen design. Vertical/horizontal arrangement. Several visual templates for selecting.

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Support of visual styling (corporate colors, background, logo, etc.), functional customization (for example, the number of columns with displayed data by queues).

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Display can be used with an advertising or information banner.

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A variant of the screen for displaying the readiness process, for example, for the fast food sector.

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We are ready to create any interfaces for electronic displays at request.

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Adaptive web application (only browser needed), available on any device — PCs, smartphones, tablets. Used by employees to work with clients using the Electronic queue system.

The employee becomes fully mobile, can move with a tablet or smartphone in the service area, at the same time work with the queue and service clients.

It is impossible to achieve such a level of service when using stationary programs, for example, based on 1C, which physically binds manager to the workplace.

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After assigning a customer to work, the maintenance screen opens. It is possible to call the client again, in this case the ticket number will be displayed on the electronic board again, and if there is a voice notification system, the notification will be triggered again.

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After the client arrives at the workplace, the client's waiting time at front office screen is replaced by the employee's work time. It is possible to add tags which can be used for building specialized reports.

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When transferring to another queue the queue menu opens. It is possible to prioritize the client.

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Before an employee leaves for a break, the system will automatically ask to end service for customers already registered in the queue.

Workplace with reference to the types of queues (services) that employee will serve
Receive, recall or redirect clients (operator's console)
Online visualization of the current number of people in the queue
Leave for lunch or break (if all clients are served at this workplace)
Comments on each completed application
View statistics of served clients
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Adaptive web application, available on any device, including mobile. Used by employees to manage and administer the Electronic queue.

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The section is used to add and edit organizations, linking branches to higher offices (parents) to build a hierarchy and then allocate devices and employees between them.

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The section allows to view and add employees with linking to branches. Includes specifying the queue profile that employee plans to process, branch in which the employee will work and data for authorization at the workplace.

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Section allows to create locations to which will be linked performers (employees), ticket kiosks and information displays. For convenient location address search we have implemented integration with OpenStreetMap service — in addition, it is possible to search for location by address and by geographic coordinates.

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A work schedule is also configured, which is subsequently linked to branches.

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The section allows to track the entire process of working with the queue. Clients are presented clearly, their ticket numbers linked to their ticket kiosks, directions to queue types, as well as executors (managers). Additional comments for each client, left by managers and contact numbers of clients are also displayed.

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This section contains data on all ticket kiosks in the system. Allows to add and configure new devices, add services (buttons for receiving tickets) to the screen menu and specify the types of queues for them.

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Setting up a menu for customers to select services at ticket kiosks. It is possible to set access for select a personal manager within the queue, buttons order, bind an icon and add description.

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Queue profiles are used for connetion between queues and executors that serve customers. On their basis, directions for processing applications by managers at workplaces are created, tickets with prefixes are dispensed.

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Section is used to add electronic displays that are used to visually inform customers about queue. Available selection of layouts and customization of the texts color, headers, background, logo display. At the same time system allows to flexibly customize the display of the customers with reference to their status. Therefore it is possible to implement any scenarios equally adaptable, for example, for retail or fast food.

Establishment of organizations, their branches and offices
Connection of ticket kiosks, electronic displays, operator’s workplaces
Establishment of personnel, linking to the types of processed queues (types of services)
Monitoring and statistics
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Our Electronic queue already have built-in reporting that is available without any additional cost. Section displayed information for selected period on the number of served clients in the context of a specific queue branch, average service time, the number of clients processed by one specific employee and other information.

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If necessary, we are ready to expand the functionality of built-in reporting and display any data at the customer request.

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We offer standalone module for service quality assessment system on Android tablets.

Scoring system or text reviews are supported. Implemented advertising functionality for showing videos and banners to clients while they are waiting.

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In the process of interacting with an employee, there are temporary pauses when the client is just waiting. At such moments screen of the Android tablet is used to display promotional materials.

The owner of the system can earn profit on interactive advertising spaces by selling them to third-party companies.

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Since the tablets are equipped with a webcam, Smartix specialists have implemented a convenient functionality for linking tablets to the manager's workplaces.

After registering the assessment point in the system all details are generated in the QR code in the back office. The code is scanned by the employee through the tablet camera from the screen of the working monitor, then all client assessments on the tablet are linked to his workplace.

Cost reduction

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System administration

The solution does not require the installation of client applications. What employees need to work is any device that supports browser. All branches are connected to a single centralized server maintained by qualified specialists, ensuring the maximum reliability of the solution.

If customer uses our solution in the cloud, there is complete elimination of local server infrastructure in each branch or service office.

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Text-to-speech service

We offer our own speech synthesis service for voice assistant deployment in addition to self-service systems. The advantages of our service:

  • Low cost of new files generation. For the base of sound files based on Google Text-to-Speech price is 16 USD for 1 million characters
  • Decrease in ownership cost of the service due to message segmentation. Each unique segment is voiced only once
  • Our own message normalization algorithms that further reduce requests to external services

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Service quality assessment through
ticket kiosk

Our software allows to deploy websites at ticket kiosks for creation of multifunctional reference and navigation panels, service quality assessment systems without using consoles and Android tablets.

According to our data, it is more difficult for clients to objectively assess the quality of service through a tablet near employee. Remote ticket kiosk with feedback functionality helps not only to give an honest assessment, but also to describe the pros and cons, leave an extended comment.

Mobile application

We offer a mobile application
or mobile registrar (web application with QR code link) that allows to
Replace ticket
kiosk for customers
Receiving an electronic ticket, information about the position in the queue with customizable SMS notifications directly on the client's smartphone. For queuing, the client scans a QR code with his smartphone with a link to the electronic queue web application. QR code can be placed on banners, TV, tablet, etc.
Streamline the work
of employees and related processes
Application can be used, for example, to queue product suppliers for unloading. The driver installs the application (or scans a QR code with a link and goes to the queue web page), receives an electronic ticket and comfortably waits for push notifications to enter the warehouse.


We offer various devices for ticket kiosks in Electronic queuing systems.
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Our electronic queue speeds up and optimizes
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Banks and credit institutions
State institutions
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Hospitals, laboratories, private clinics
Public receptions, counseling centers
Commercial enterprises
Service centres
Consulting companies
Insurance companies
Utility services companies
Fast food, cafes, canteens
Pick-up points
Air and railway ticket offices
Universities and other educational institutions

Solution development

We are ready to provide any modifications of the complex at customer request.
Perhaps our system and specialists will be able to solve your specific tasks.
Prediction based on data on average request processing time
IoT development and implementation in our e-queue
Deployment of any functionality at ticket kiosks
Any of your