Smartix service quality assessment system on tablets

Solutions for assessing the quality of service allows to effectively and with minimal cost receive feedback from customers in any business area. Provided results help to regularly and qualitatively improve the level of customer service.

A separate module for assessing the quality of service on Android tablets has been implemented for Smartix software. The built-in functionality meets all the requirements for modern assessment systems for customers of any level, includes number of distinctive features. At the moment, the solution has been deployed in a pilot format as part of the Smartix electronic queue system at Petrovich building materials store, the largest Russian retailer in the category of goods for construction and repair.


Assessment of service quality for employees

Android tablets are a modern and accessible format for receiving customer feedback. Smartix service quality assessment software is suitable for standard scores as well as for expanded text forms.

Solution is integrated with an electronic queue system or can act as an independent software and hardware complex for any locations:

  • Banks and credit institutions
  • State institutions
  • Office enterprises
  • Public receptions
  • Hospitals, medical clinics
  • Service centers
  • Gas stations
  • Fast food, cafes, canteens
  • Any trade and service (receptions) areas

Advertising functionality

In the process of interacting with an employee there are temporary pauses when the client is just waiting. At such moments the screen of Android tablet is used to display promotional materials.

Smartix software is equipped with a standard advertising mechanism that is deployed on service quality assessment tablets. In the process of interacting with the employee and until the end of the service, tablet promotional videos that are configured in the back office are displayed for clients. The owner of the system earns profit on advertising spaces by selling them to third-party companies.

After the end of the service client on the Android tablet touches the “Rate service” button and gives employee desired grade of service.

The system supports flexible advertising management — loading static or interactive banners, videos, setting the time and frequency of displays in selected locations, uploading statistical data.

Easy binding of tablets to the employee’s workplace

In the back office, the “Assessment point” tab has been added, which allows adding new entities to the system and binding Android tablets to them. Since the tablets are equipped with a webcam, Smartix specialists have implemented a convenient functionality for linking tablets to the manager’s workplaces — after registering the assessment point in the system, all details are generated in QR code, which is simply scanned by the employee through the tablet camera in the back office.

After a successful scan, the tablet is linked to the workplace where the employee works and then all assessments of his work are taken into account.

Solution improvements

The available features fully meet modern service quality assessment systems, at the same time Smartix specialists are ready to provide advanced functionality:

1. Individual customization of the service quality assessment menu for each point, customization of interfaces and branding.

2. Ability for users to enter text information for extended reviews.

3. Taking pictures of the client with an Android tablet camera at the time of service quality assessment.

4. Using Android tablets as a sound recording device. Start and end of audio recording under various conditions — in automatic mode, manually, upon an event (client call, end of service, etc.). Ability to listen to the service process and resolve disputes.


The service quality assessment module effectively solves the problem of obtaining customer feedback for each employee. Simple functionality of adding tablets and linking them to workplaces based on QR codes simplifies the launching of assessment points into work, and the advertising module allows to expand value of Android tablets for the customer by earning additional revenue from third-party advertising. The solution is already being used by “Petrovich” clients to assess the quality of service within the Smartix electronic queue system. At the request of potential customers complex can be equipped with any additional functionality.