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Customers of various e-queue systems on the market face a number of difficulties in the process of using the software:

  • Outdated software, offline system, complexity of solution administration.
  • Impossibility of performing improvements following the development of the business and increase in features requirements.
  • Closing and leaving of the vendor from the market for internal reasons or due to the changed political situation.

If you are already using electronic queue system and considering switching to a modern software complex, our specialists are ready to provide one of the best solutions on the market.

Why Smartix

Smartix electronic queue system is well-thought-out complex that takes into account all the needs of customers for modern e-queue system:

Support for various hardware

Your company use outdated equipment? Smartix system supports wide range of hardware devices and you most likely won’t need to upgrade your hardware.

For exact confirmation, please provide a specification for all hardware components.

Support for solutions from mixed vendors

If your company has distributed network of branches and electronic queues from different vendors are used in different segments, Smartix system will most likely allow you to combine all segments into a single network.

Smartix electronic queue effectively solves the required tasks in the segments of branches selected by the customer, while maintaining the specific service features and service conditions inherent in a particular segment. At the same time the problem of fragmentation of management and administration of several e-queue systems is eliminated.

Launch and testing

Smartix electronic queue system is delivered in a cloud format for a monthly subscription, as well as a license for installation on a customer’s server. Cloud-based electronic queue is suitable for small clients for permanent work or for large clients as test of functionality in a cloud format before purchasing a license.

We are confident in the quality of our solution and offer any company to perform a free pilot launch in the cloud for 3 months to evaluate the effectiveness of Smartix electronic queue system.

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