Mobile registrar


Innovative version of Smartix electronic queue via smartphone. A stand-alone module for solving tasks of automating client flows for the provision of any services — selling goods, servicing, issuing orders, processing loans, and much more. Mobile registrar can work as a standalone module or as an addition to e-queue ticket kiosks.

  • The most advanced customer service automation solution based on smartphones
  • No need to install and maintain standard e-queue ticket kiosks for dispensing tickets and electronic displays for demonstrating queue lines
  • Almost zero costs for the complex, all that is needed for work is client’s smartphone and SMS notifications

For queuing client scans QR code with a link to the electronic queue web application using his smartphone. Then required service is selected, phone number is entered and visitor waits in line.

QR code can be placed on static banners, flyers or at any interactive carrier, such as TV, tablet, etc.


Solution allows to offer customers the most modern service for automating receipt of services. All that user need to get in line is his own smartphone.

All interaction with system is carried out through the smartphone screen. After selecting service and entering phone number, client is shown a screen with the e-queue ticket number and amount of people in the queue.

The web page checks the status of dispensed ticket on the server and after the employee is ready to accept the client, displays a new web page with a call to the service point in the hall, to service counter, etc.

The solution contains customizable functionality that at the customer’s choice allows sending an SMS to the client at the specified number at the time of queuing, indicating the queue number, as well as SMS at the moment when manager is ready to accept and provide the client with service.


For customer it becomes possible to reduce the number of expensive e-queue ticket kiosks. In addition, it is no longer required to maintain devices, track performance monitoring, change the receipt paper. It is also possible to refuse electronic displays, all information is displayed on the screen of the client’s smartphone.

If customer already uses standard electronic queue with paper tickets, Smartix mobile electronic queue registrar module can be easily integrated into the existing system. The solution is extremely in demand among modern users, and will allow to completely remove self-service kiosks. The technology qualitatively reduces the cost of equipment, flexibly adapts to solve any tasks for automating client flows.

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