Service quality assessment


Service quality assessment solutions allow to operatively and cost-effectively automate customer feedback in any business area. Provided results help to regularly and qualitatively improve the level of customer focus.

Based on Android tablets

A separate module for assessing the quality of service on Android tablets has been implemented for Smartix software. The built-in functionality meets all requirements for modern assessment systems using by customers of any level.


In the process of interaction with employee and until the end of service, commercial advertising are shown on the tablet to the client, which are configured in Smartix back office. Owner of the system can raise money on advertising space by selling screening to third-party companies.


Simple binding of tablets to the manager’s workplace

Since tablets are equipped with webcam, Smartix specialists have implemented a convenient functionality for linking tablets to manager’s workplaces — after registering an assessment point in the system all details are generated in the form of a QR code, which is simply scanned by an employee through the tablet’s camera in the back office.


After successful scan the tablet is linked to the workplace where the employee works, and then all assessments of his work are taken into account.

Solution based on e-queue ticket kiosks*

*implementation of functionality at request

Our software allows to launch websites at e-queue kiosks for creation of functional help infomats and navigation panels, service quality assessment systems without using remotes and Android tablets.

Smartix QoS solution is suitable for standard scoring as well as for extended text forms.

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