Monitoring and maintenance of ticket kiosks at Smartix e-queue system

In previous press releases we talked about the back office capabilities of our Electronic Queue System. Now we want to focus on the monitoring and maintenance features of client devices.

Devices monitoring

The electronic queue includes a special monitoring section for such system entities as electronic queue displays and ticket kiosks. Section contain data on availability of connection, time of the last dispense of the queue ticket, availability of software updates.

There is detailed information on each point — software version, operating system, processor and motherboard type, amount of free space on the hard disk.

In addition to displaying the equipment statuses, for example, the fullness of the receipt paper in the thermal printer (running out soon, runned out), the system allows to send notifications about the coming event to the employees responsible for servicing the points.


The section is used to create system users and distribute rights for remote access to electronic queue displays and ticket kiosks based on SSH keys. The devices receive information about new SSH keys from the database in accordance with the hierarchical structure set by the customer and write them through the operating system to the authorized_keys “home” folder.

After successful writing, users have the opportunity to remotely log into devices using these keys. Therefore, if necessary, system administrators have flexible access to all entities in the system. Additionally, the OpenVPN protocol is implemented, which is required for points deployed in a private internal network which have no direct access. With VPN tunnel all points are available for direct entry.


Our Electronic Queue System has a wide range of functionality for simple monitoring of points and for organizing their remote access and maintenance. The administration process of the complex is greatly simplified for responsible employees, it is possible to view logs, make changes to the operating system and carry out any additional settings.