Telegram bot for electronic queue via smartphone

We have launched Telegram bot functionality for our Smartix electronic queue system. Now visitors do not need to regularly monitor status of their virtual e-queue in web application via their smartphone. Solution is also an effective alternative to the classic waiting for customers to take their turn in the electronic queue display area.

Telegram bot features for electronic queue

Telegram icon has been added to the coupon screen, so after successful queuing when clicked on this icon at user’s smartphone, messenger opens with the message /start to launch the bot.

One-time users

If person logs into the web application and bot via QR code, he receives a tracking confirmation message and one-time notification that his turn has come close.

Telegram bot for electronic queue via smartphone

Authorized users

If person shares phone number with Telegram bot, he will receive notification about the last person in front of him or sequential notifications about the status of his queue, progress and number of people remaining in front of him.

Telegram bot for electronic queue via smartphone

Advantages of Smartix Telegram bot

Using Telegram for e-queue priority notifications can significantly improve customer service. The functionality, for example, simplifies the waiting process for bank visitors — the client does not need to be in the office or near the reception desk, he receives prompt notifications and can go about his business.

In an electronic queue via smartphone for restaurants and cafes, groups of people with different numbers of people take their position in the queue. Administrator invites them not in order of occupancy of the queue, but in accordance with the table available according to the number of seats for more complete seating. Telegram bot ensures comfortable waiting for people in line for a table suitable for them with a certain number of people. They no longer need to be physically present with the administrator.

Telegram bot completely changes the concept of long waits, for example, for unloading goods in a warehouse. In some cases, drivers are in line for several hours and they are happy to spend this time resting after the road and notifications in Telegram will tell them in advance when it is their turn to unload.

Why choose us

Our electronic queue basically meets all customer requirements for such solutions. We also carry out improvements and implement new functionality upon request.

Telegram bot can be customized for a specific customer and user interaction scenarios. In addition to the direct functionality, notifications about the priority of messages can be provided with additional background information, marketing content, invitation to a chat with consultant, etc.