Electronic queue for medical clinics, centers, hospitals

During 2023, the federal network of private clinics MEDSI implemented self-service kiosks from Smartix in 115 clinics to automate reception desk, patient self-registration and payment acceptance. The kiosks are also equipped with the functionality of an electronic queue kiosk for issuing e-queue tickets.

Electronic queue for a medical clinic

In most cases, medical institutions in addition to automating the registry are additionally considering the implementation of an electronic queuing system. MEDSI is no exception – at the request of the clinic Smartix specialists integrated self-service solutions with their own electronic queue system.

We are ready to offer our solution for medical clinics, hospitals, laboratories and any healthcare institutions.

Abilities of kiosks + e-queue system

Combining an electronic queue system with e-queue tickets issuing kiosks and self-registration kiosks in one software and hardware complex further reduces equipment costs, eliminates incompatibility when using third-party software and limited functionality.

Options for operating the Smartix electronic queue system:

  • Standard electronic queue system for receiving e-queue ticket after selecting and paying for the services of medical specialists.
  • Electronic queue with deep integration into the user interaction scenario. A coupon is issued based on the results of certain actions or according to condition, single multi-ticket is supported for alternate visits to several specialists, taking tests, etc.

Electronic queue for medical institutions and medical centers

The solution includes electronic signage management system for displaying on monitors or TVs a queue of waiting clients with customizable interface templates, as well as voice guidance based on a built-in speech synthesis service, which allows to deploy and edit a voice assistant directing patients to selected medical rooms at minimal cost. Integration with the existing medical information system (MIS) in clinics or hospitals is supported.


Self-service kiosks with an electronic queue system provide the clinic with electronic registration system, streamline the flow of visitors and at the same time optimize the movement of patients around the medical facility. After making payment, the multi-coupon system issues single coupon and ensures visits to several offices, taking into account the average time of movement around the clinic and provision of selected medical services.

Self-service solutions based on Smartix software, including an electronic registration and electronic queue management system for medical centers fully comply with the requirements of medical institutions for clinic automation systems. Contact us, tell us about the required functionality and the scale of the project, and we will prepare an initial analysis, perform a free cost estimate and demonstrate our electronic queue.