Update system for ticketing kiosks of Smartix e-queue

Our Electronic queue includes functionality of ticket kiosks and electronic displays remote updating. The system uses specialized file storage accessible via http/https, which contains new versions of program files and libraries, various resource files. Uploading of new software versions to points is provided according to the conditions specified in the Smartix back office.

Remote update capabilities:

  • Management of update functionality through the back office — turning on, turning off, viewing versions.
  • Updating parcel network segments — allows to pilot launch the update on a separate group of devices and take further decision on updating the entire network.
  • Establishing several update systems and using specific update system at specific point — allows to segment the network into a stable/experimental branch, use different UI on selected devices.
  • Support for the functionality of retry downloading files. Guaranteed software updates on unstable communication channels.

Solution supports work inside closed VPN network with level of data transmission security that meets the requirements for such systems.

The procedure for updating Electronic queue software:

  1. Developers upload software changes/improvements to GitHub 
  2. Jenkins-based automatic collector collects the latest software version and uploads it to the update system 
  3. System user in the back office marks points that require updating 
  4.  Points periodically check for updates 
  5. Only new/changed software files are downloaded 
  6. Software restarts and new version launching

We use the most advanced technology and approach to provide one of the most functional e-queue solutions on the market. The remote update system simplifies the administration process, allows to flexibly and quickly update individual network segments or all devices.