Electronic queue for bank

Electronic queue management system for bank allows to automate the order of receiving services, increases the comfort of visitors, level of customer focus and service in the institution.

Electronic queue system for bank

The Smartix electronic queue acts as one of the most technologically advanced client flow management systems on the Russian and foreign markets. The well-thought-out system was originally developed for banks, multifunctional centers and government agencies – it solves the whole range of problems for organizations of any level, is easily scalable and equipped with new modules and functionality.

The software and hardware complex combines:

Electronic queue kiosks – kiosks for dispensing e-queue tickets with customizable interfaces, identification by phone number, data exchange and verification in external systems to determine priority, attribute composition of requests, etc.

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Electronic queue panels – informational visual notification about the queue in bank branches, with support for running line. Our electronic queue works with modern models of Smart TVs, as well as TV + computer (Intel NUC) or TV + Android TV Box/Xiaomi Mi Box/Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Therefore, even the bank’s outdated equipment can be converted to new, bright electronic displays at minimal cost.

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The manager’s workplace – customer service point. We have given maximum thought to the flexibility of working with bank clients and implemented “smart” algorithm for distributing applications. Employees can receive, call again and redirect visitors, see the entire queue online, leave comments on the results of service and take a break if all clients have been served. Employee performance statistics are already included in the solution and do not require additional payments!

An important advantage: the solution is a web-based application, which means it can be opened in a browser on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet). As a result, the employee does not need to be tied to his PC, he can switch between a desktop computer and his own smartphone, work with the queue and move around the branch, while continuing serve customers.

Quality assessment of service – we offer the bank an assessment of the quality of service on Android tablets, which are easily linked to the employee’s workplace by scanning a QR code in the interface. In the process of resolving issues, bank client which is sitting opposite can freely take a tablet and anonymously give a service rating or add an extended comment.

Voice call notification – the system supports voiceover based on Google Speech-to-Text and Yandex SpeechKit services. As a result, the cost of generating audio messages is significantly reduced and text editing is easy and pronunciation imitates living person as much as possible.

Electronic queuing via smartphone – the bank can use customers’ smartphones for queuing without electronic queue kiosks. To do this, you will need to place a QR code in the branch, scanning this QR customers will open the electronic queue web page. After authorization by phone number the types of queues and the number of people in the queue will be available in the interface. When manager is ready to accept the client, he will receive an SMS. There is no longer any need to install kiosks for dispensing tickets and waiting in the hall. You can leave the bank, track the status on your smartphone and return after a while straight to receiving the service!

Current scenarios of electronic queue system for banks:

Assigning priority to operations, for example:

  • Window 1 – priority is given to accepting utility payments and tickets from clients with disabilities.
  • Window 2 – priority is given to deposit transactions and foreign exchange transactions.
  • Window 3 – priority is given to accepting utility payments and deposit transactions.

Service routing

Visiting an employee, then a cashier and returning, depending on the situation, to the previous or another employee. The system takes into account the time spent visiting the cash register and employees throughout the client’s entire route when dispensing a queue ticket.

Online service editing

An employee can postpone service or transfer the client to a colleague. The cashier can change the list of transactions. The system is very flexible and allows any employees (including senior managers) to change the service process to improve the quality of service.


Choice of several services in one ticket (deposit transactions + utility payments + loan consultation). Building a customer route at the stage of receiving ticket through an electronic queue kiosk, creating a single ticket with cart of services and visiting them one by one.

Tracking customer service time

Estimation of the number of dispensed tickets and restrictions on the dispense of new tickets, taking into account the remaining time for customer service. Notification on the screen of the electronic queue kiosk.

System operation monitoring

All devices – ticket kiosks, displays, operator workplaces, voice notification systems – are monitored online for performance. The back office administrator receives data about events, for example, the imminent running out of paper for tickets at a certain kiosk and promptly responds to them. Notifications are sent to responsible employees. The built-in update system ensures that the latest version of software for kiosks and displays is loaded.

Why Smartix

We provide the best level of quality and use the most modern technologies to launch solutions for automating client flows in the market of Russia and CIS countries. We launch a queue from scratch or transfer the client’s existing equipment to the most modern software.

Our largest clients use our electronic queue system to manage 700+ devices – e-queue ticket kiosks, electronic displays and operator workplaces on 1 single server for the entire network, in 200 offices and serve over 130000 clients per month.

We are ready for large-scale projects for large banks! Contact us and tell us about the required functionality – we will prepare demonstration of the system or launch test platform on your equipment.