Implementation of an electronic queue
in the largest network of construction products

About customer

Petrovich is the largest Russian retailer in the category of goods for construction and repair. Now all client flows are sent for service through a modern automated complex.

Petrovich includes network of 20 shopping and construction centers in St. Petersburg, Moscow, the North-Western and Central federal districts with an assortment of over 30 thousand products. Included in the top 10 largest online stores in Russia.
Smartix electronic queue was chosen as a replacement for the existing solution based on the 1C platform. The previous software had difficulties with adding new functionality, did not meet the requirements for flexibility and functionality. An additional disadvantage was the need to physically install a copy of the electronic queue application in each store, as well as the complexity of administration.

The customer also used a voice service based on the files recorded by the announcer, which was expensive and difficult to edit and adapt to changing business processes.


Smartix is ​​a web-based application that allows employees to use the electronic queue on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) without installing client programs. Personnel are no longer required to be strictly at the workplace. They can move around with a tablet or smartphone, work with the queue, and also consult clients at the same time anywhere in the office.

Check-in desks of the electronic queue at Petrovich offer customers the services of buying, receiving, returning goods, professional settlement with an expert, issuing a loyalty cards, receiving gifts, renting a tool, obtaining a deposit, general consultations and more. User can also choose manager for a personal appeal or take a ticket to the manager.
Petrovich uses our own speech synthesis service to deploy a voice assistant in the Smartix electronic queue system. The solution is based on the modern Google Text-to-Speech service. Allows to receive mp3 voice messages in real time or pre-create a cache of audio files. Significantly reduces the cost of ownership of the system. Editing the sound functionality of the voice assistant is simplified.


Interfaces of registration desks and electronic scoreboards are customized and branded in accordance with customer requirements. At the pilot launch stage, at the request of the Petrovich, basic interface was deployed.
All branches are connected to a single centralized server serviced by qualified specialists. Provides maximum reliability of the solution, reduces administration costs.
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