E-queue system for the largest
network of furniture and household goods

About customer

Hoff hypermarket chain is one of the largest Russian chains of furniture and household goods. Hypermarkets offer complex interior solutions based on a wide multi-brand range.

Hoff chain has 59 stores in Russia. The total area of hypermarkets is over 320 000 m². The company have 5500+ employees, Hoff hypermarkets are visited by more than 17 million people annually.


Installing of Smartix electronic queue management system optimizes client flows and improves the quality of their service.

Complex includes check-in counters for receiving tickets, electronic scoreboards for displaying information about the queue, a front office (operators workplaces) for processing customer applications within the electronic queue and back office for managing all devices, establishments of branches, employees and determining the types of queues processed by them.
System solves the following customer tasks:

  • Distribution and optimization of the clients flows, informing clients about the services provided, about procedure and rules of service.
  • Reducing customer service time
  • Obtaining current and statistical information about the work of employees in general and each specialist separately, the number of visitors served and waiting to be received, and the time of service for visitors.
  • Optimization of the algorithms of the control system based on the analysis of statistical data.


Smartix electronic queue basically meets the actual needs of most companies for solutions of this class. The complex has a large number of settings, takes into account the peculiarities of the work of organizations in various business areas.
System allows to add new queues without software modifications, create and edit the menu structure of counters, formats for displaying the queue at electronic scoreboards, and supports interface branding. If necessary, we are ready for additional modifications of the modules and scenarios of the complex on demand.
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