Smartix electronic queue included in the Russian software register

At the moment state bodies of the Russian Federation are purchasing products of domestic software developers registered in the unified register of Russian computer programs and databases. In addition to government agencies, large number of entrepreneurs and business representatives are also guided by a single registry to check the quality of purchased software.

Smartix electronic queue system has successfully passed the relevant checks and included in the register of Russian software, which allows to provide potential customers with additional quality assurance of the software package and confirmation of compliance with standards.

The development of unified registry of Russian programs and an increase in the number of software listed in the registry is due to the government’s desire to raise the status of domestic developments, improve the quality of Russian software products and ensure import substitution. At the same time government and commercial customers prefer software listed in the registry, which avoids long-term risks associated with changing political and economic situation.

Smartix specialists strive to ensure that their own software developments meet modern standards. Passing checks, entering into the register and obtaining the appropriate status confirm quality and effectiveness of the solution.