Cellular retail choose Smartix electronic queue

MTS retail chain, the largest non-food retailer in Russia, implementing Smartix mobile queue recorders in its stores. The solution is used to automate queuing of customers, which makes the customer service process more comfortable and convenient.

To interact with the electronic queue, client scans QR code with his smartphone via a link to the electronic queue web application. Then, the required service is selected, the phone number is entered and the visitor waits in line.

The electronic queue menu includes the entire list of services available in MTS stores, for example, the sale of goods, service maintenance, issuing orders, processing loans, and much more.

The solution offers customers the most modern service for automating the receipt of services. All you need to interact is your own smartphone.

Smartix electronic queue is integrated into the software of self-service kiosks. Visitors can queue up using their own smartphones by scanning a QR code, or through the digital panel interface. As a result, multifunctional device has been formed that allows solving a whole range of tasks for retail, including automating customer placement through an omnichannel electronic queue, deploying an electronic storefront for e-commerce, accepting payments for goods, and much more.

Mobile recorders for the Smartix electronic queue effectively solve problems of the customer, allowing to create a modern omnichannel system that optimizes sales and improves the quality of customer service.