Complex self-service system for ETM company

We announce the completion of the project for the implementation of complex self-service system in the ETM company. The solution provides automation of receiving orders through self-service kiosks with invoice printing, as well as full-fledged electronic queue.

ETM company is Russia’s largest professional distributor of electrical engineering, selling goods for industrial enterprises, manufacturers of switchboard equipment, infrastructure enterprises, electrical installation and construction companies, retail stores and DIY networks. The company is represented in 102 Russian cities, includes 200 service offices and 9 logistics centers.

The software complex is suitable for sale of goods and processing applications for any organizational and legal forms of business — LLC, individual entrepreneurs, individuals.

Prerequisites for implementation

The main goal of implementing self-service kiosks and electronic queue system from the Soft-logic company was to automate the queue for payment and dispense of goods. Customers making an order on the online store website should be able to independently and in an organized manner, without the participation of sales office managers, confirm, pay and receive invoice documents for goods.

Now all processes are carried out through a single window — a self-service device, and managers are sent to solve other tasks to improve the service level where human participation is required, for example, consulting on general questions.

Operations with orders

ETM selected horizontal widescreen kiosks based on our state-of-the-art web interface to provide customers with a single window to receive, exchange or return items.

The hardware partner of the project is TouchPlat company, a long-term Soft-logic partner, which provides a wide range of self-service and payment kiosks.

Depending on whether the client wants to simply place a remote order via ETM online store or create order, pay and arrive at the store to receive the already paid product, scenario for working with the kiosk is determined.

When receiving an order, the client searches at the kiosk by TIN number, by order number or by the name of his organization. For convenience, the search and display of all results of the form entering only part of the request or a set of numbers is implemented.

After choosing organization and checking the product cart, it is proposed to pay by bank card at the kiosk or in cash at the checkout. Information about the payments made at the kiosks in real time transfers to the ETM accounting system. The company’s employees have access to all relevant information.

The possibility of paying in cash only at the checkout is determined by the customer’s requirement, our software also supports cash payments at the kiosk.

If a customer has formed a shopping cart and paid for it on the website of the ETM online store, he uses the kiosk only to find his order. Then he receives a ticket for picking up of goods and waits for a call in the electronic queue system. Immediately after dispensing a ticket, our system transmits information by the order number to the ETM system. Warehouse employees preliminarily begin searching and forming an order before the client arrival. Thanks to elaborate integration between systems, a high level of service and significant reduction in waiting times during the service process is achieved.

Electronic queue

ETM company uses our ready-made electronic queue solution, which is used by customers to receive, return, exchange goods and to access consulting services.

Integration of Soft-logic electronic queue with payment kiosks is carried out through a universal API provided within the electronic queue system. Integration with any software is supported.

After choosing to pay for the order or choosing another service, the client receives ticket at the kiosk and waits for his turn to be called on the electronic display.

Front and back office

Employees use our responsive web application (can be opened on any device in a browser) to serve customers and process requests. The manager sign in to the system, chooses his Workplace depending on the type of requests being processed and starts working. Additionally, the functionality of online display of the number of people in the queue, statistics of processed applications is available, also available leaving for a break or lunch if all applications in the queue are processed.

The back office acts as a single entry point for the establishment and management of ETM’s branches and offices, self-service kiosks, electronic displays and workplaces, employee establishment, allocation of types of processed queues between them. Monitoring and statistics of operations of electronic queue and payment transactions at self-service kiosks supported.


In the past customer used outdated or not fully up-to-date solutions to automate order payment and service delivery, which was accompanied by poor flexibility, stability and low scalability.

As implementation result, was provided complex system based on modern web technologies, was organized flexible access for employees at workplaces on stationary and mobile devices. We have built effective processes for servicing orders and resolving questions within the framework of the electronic queue, which is extremely important for maintaining high-quality service for a company with 130 000+ customers per month.

Our software fully meets the requirements of the largest retailers for service automation systems, payment acceptance and electronic queue systems. Understanding the format of building work processes with customers of the appropriate level, accumulated experience and competencies allow our specialists to implement flexible, effective solutions that are in demand among key market participants.