Electronic queue for MFC and Public Service Centers

We introduce the implementation of an electronic queue system for MFCs (multifunctional centers) in Russia and PSCs (public service centers) in the CIS countries. Our modern electronic queue for appointments at the MFC automates the flow of visitors, includes the most thoughtful functionality for government agencies, can be improved if necessary and is easily scalable.

E-queue system

Advantages of Smartix electronic queue for MFCs and Public Service Centers

Our e-queue system combines management system for key components of the solution:

Kiosks for issuing e-queue tickets – with customizable interfaces, buttons and algorithms for obtaining tickets for various services.

Electronic queue boards and monitors – visual display of queue with support for advertising banners and running lines.

Operator workplaces – web application-based solution for serving visitors, can be opened on computer, tablet or smartphone simultaneously, thereby achieving complete seamlessness in the employee’s work. Employees can work with electronic queue at any location of the MFC, accept or reassign applications and at the same time provide general advice or help colleagues on site.

E-queue system

E-queue system kiosk

Voice notifications – based on the speech synthesis service, calls visitors to the multifunctional center, quickly edits existing texts and launches new ones.

Service quality assessment system – on Android tablets, which are linked to operator workplaces by scanning QR code and can be used by visitors to evaluate their work directly during the service process.

Administrator’s workplace – administrator monitors the operation of the electronic queue in real time, sees applications, reassigns coupons and evaluates employee productivity in the built-in reporting system.

Replacement of outdated electronic queue programs and applications

If multifunctional center already uses an electronic queue, our system can be easily adapted to the existing set of equipment almost at no cost!

MFCs and public service centers often have an extensive network of branches, which are combined into segments with electronic queuing systems from various suppliers. We will transfer all branches to a single system, taking into account all parameters and service algorithms – no more difficulties with complex management and asynchronous administration.

Single server and monitoring mechanism

Smartix electronic queue system is built on the basis of a single server that unites all branches, regional and head offices. Maximum fault tolerance and reliability of the solution is achieved. The online monitoring system transmits data about e-queue ticket kiosks and electronic queue boards. The imminent end of paper for tickets or the incorrect display of the interface on the TV will be immediately noticed by the administrator and responsible personnel will receive notification by SMS, mail or via Telegram.

Why Smartix

Our electronic queue was originally developed to automate MFCs and public service centers, banking institutions and government agencies. All aspects of queuing service have been measured with attention to convenience, functionality and customer focus.

We have the technology and experience in launching large-scale projects to implement an electronic queue with standard and custom scenarios for interaction with users, complex business processes and we understand what level of solution is required for modern MFC or PSC.

Contact us, tell us about the size of your project, we will analyze your requirements, perform free cost estimate and demonstrate the operation of our electronic queue in demo mode.