Smartix electronic displays support Smart TV and Android TV

Modern electronic queue involves the launch of electronic displays to display the status of the queue based on TVs with built-in Smart TV or Android TV support. As a result, there is ability to completely refuse purchasing additional computers. The average price for such TV will be $180-$230.

If customer is already using the equipment of the previous generation and plans to switch to a modern electronic queue, he will need to purchase a box console for each TV, such as Android TV Box or Xiaomi Mi Box at $30 to $60 price.

Smartix electronic queue system supports various hardware configurations for running the electronic display service. Depending on the equipment available to the customer and available financial investments, the following configurations are offered:

  • Smart TV with Android version 9 and above
  • TV + computer, for example Intel NUC
  • TV + box console Android TV Box or Xiaomi Mi Box, and Xiaomi Mi TV Stick as the most affordable option

The customer can choose a mixed set of hardware components in different locations.

Smartix electronic queue system takes into account all the needs of potential customers is one of the most functional and thoughtful solutions on the market from professional specialists.

Simple, fast and cost-effective launch of an electronic display service on the most affordable equipment, ability to refuse paper receipts with a queue number in favor of SMS notifications, built-in monitoring and reporting system without additional payments — all this makes Smartix solution the best choice for customers of any scale.