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Electronic queue for the largest network of car dealerships

About the customer

Business Car Group — owner of the largest network of official Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Europe, chose Smartix electronic queue system to automate service and customer flows.

Now to sign up for services, client goes to the electronic queue kiosk, logs in by phone number, selects the type of service and receives it from the manager. Integration with the accounting system has been implemented, various system operation scenarios are supported.

Electronic queue for car dealership

E-queue process

As part of the project electronic queue integrated with 1C. As a result, when the client enters a phone number on the electronic queue kiosk, request is made to the car dealership’s accounting system and based on the data received, the following customer flow automation scenarios are implemented in the car dealership:

1. Without an appointment — after entering the phone number, the last manager serving this client is checked in 1C and he is reassigned to work. If manager is busy or is not in the place, client can select any other employee in the interface and receive e-queue ticket.

When manager starts the service, Smartix system transfers data about the creation of a new service to 1C and manager records all the results of the work in 1C and completes the service there.
2. By appointment — if after a request 1C receives information about the availability of an appointment (made earlier by phone or on the website), electronic queue issues ticket. If appointment is not found, message is displayed. If there are several appointments, client selects the desired service again, enters the phone number, repeats the check through 1C and ticket issues again.

3. Manual selection of service and manager — the ability to simply register for the selected service, client himself chooses the manager he likes and system assigns ticket to him.

E-queue kiosk interfaces


The electronic queue for car dealerships of Business Car Group not only solves the classic problem of distributing customer flows, but also helps maintain premium level of service and concept of personal service.
An electronic queue kiosk with stylized interface is fast and modern format for registering for service at car dealership, which is convenient and always in demand among visitors.
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